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I'm coming to you today with a guest post from Ann over at Makeup Beauty Online.  If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you know that I am just completely obsessed with gold and white so still following that I bring you her post on a white and gold wedding combo!

Couples who are crazy in love often tend to overdo in many things. It is the most normal thing, since emotional alertness usually strangles the rational part of the brain. Due to that, many couples get easily carried away when it comes to the wedding organization procedure. Not that they only invite too many people and then run all over the town to borrow money for the reception, but they also lose their mind over many other things. One of such exaggerations is the abundance of colors in the wedding reception space, no matter if it is a restaurant or a hall. Influenced by many different factors, the about-to-be-wedded couple simply gives in and they open themselves to most dissimilar suggestions. For instance, if bride's mother has a tip, it is most probable that the groom is not going to argue, in order not to insult his future mother-in-law. Contrary to that, the bride also avoids opposing broom's parents (especially mothers), to keep all the relations in order.

Obvious over-versatility 
If the situation turns out to be as the one described above, it does not have to be visible to your invitees in any aspect of the wedding ceremony. However, there is one place where a hawk's eye might notice that too many people were involved in that part of the wedding – colors. If the centerpiece is dominantly pink and the crockery goes into a completely different direction, while the wedding banners do not have anything in common with the former two, then something is obviously discordant with other parts. When it comes to colors at the wedding, there should be one clear direction or color and then all other details might just serve as appendices that are here to make the dominant force even more notable. 
Tradition or trend?
When deciding what color to choose as the main color of the whole wedding ceremony, you can follow the traditional path or look up to newest trends in combining colors for the wedding. If you opt for the traditional approach, then it is obvious that white color is the only reasonable choice. Ascribing the leading role to white color will most certainly be happily approved by members of the older generation, especially aunts and women. White color symbolizes many things, but the most important one is definitely innocence and purity of the bride. As a matter of fact, grooms will also appreciate of the white effort, especially if they have a traditional point of view. 
If the bride decides to dress up in a white gown and a white wedding veil, then it should also be followed by other traditional colors. When it comes to most usual wedding colors that can be combined with white, there is one color that should be given advantage to before any other – the gold color. In addition, it should not only be gold in the sense of color, but you should also combine gold jewelry with white outfit. It is hard to imagine anything more traditional and mutually suitable as these two colors.
New trends, however, allow for a more liberal approach to the color choice for the wedding ceremony.
White and gold as assistants
If you do not want to stress out the symbols of white color, you can make a great dressing combination and still incorporate white and gold color. They can have the role of followers or spice up the dominant color, no matter which one you choose to be the leading color. For example, a white brooch and yellow gold bracelet might be a great addition to a light orange wedding dress. 
Apart from clothes, white and yellow can be applied to many other wedding assets. If you want gorgeously designed invitation cards, for instance, a combination of white and gold color will be the right choice. For those older invitees, it will represent some sort of respect for tradition and their times. On the other hand, younger generations will at least stay neutral. Today, it is not easy to do anything with youngsters without annoying them.
All in all, arranging colors for the wedding day should be meticulously planned. If you already have several color managers around you, go with white and gold to satisfy their wishes and you will also be pleased with the final result.
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  1. White and gold is always a winning color combo in my opinion. Loved this guest post!

    ☮ ♡ :) melli

  2. Thanks Melli! I have been absolutely LOVING the white and gold scheme lately!




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