I'm Back | Canada 2014

How many "I'm back!" posts have I written since I've been to Hawaii, moved, just been offline for awhile...?
I have been such a bad blogger I knowwww. 
*monkey with hands over the eyes emoji*

But!  I'm back and I have some awesome photos for ya'll! (Side Note: a lot of these were taken on the go from my iPhone so I apologize for the quality!)

As you can see, Canada was absolutely amazing.  With all you lovely people commenting me telling me I had to try Tim Hortons, that's the first place I went and fell in love with their Timbits.  I went camping (CAMPING!) for the first time ever at Lake Louise, which was incredibly beautiful and so unreal.  The day after that, we did the Mud Hero run which started out kinda disastrous but ended up being so much fun! I floated down a river near Edmonton called Pembina.  My first time going floating and that was relaxing! Devan took me to the biggest mall in the world, West Edmonton Mall, where they have an amusement park, a watermark, an aquatic park (complete with a pirate ship?!) with seals and other underwater animals, an ice skating rink, a mini golf course, and a bowling alley.  Yes.  All of that.  They also had a Kate Spade so of course I had to go look! We went to an outdoor movie (The Lego Movie!), which I had, of course, seen with David, but nobody else in our group had seen it so they really liked that.  On my last night we did a big girls night and we were just running all over Edmonton going from place to place and having such a fun time! 

My first experience in Canada was truly phenomenal and it's because of my amazing friend, Devan, and the incredible people she surrounds herself with.  I met the sweetest girls while I was there and hope to remain friends with them so that we can all get together again when I go back.

The only thing I could complain about were the customs!  They were so strict and they actually looked through my phone to make sure that I "wasn't trying to sneak into their country to get a job there."  Ruuuude!  And such an invasion of privacy! 

But jokes on them because I've tried getting a job there and I can't soooo...! ;) 

I know a few of my blogger friends reside in Maple Leaf Country, but for the rest of you, have you ever been to Canada?  Did you have a good experience?  Tell me below! 



  1. My brother has been to Canada already and he loved it, he wanted to stay but all he had was 3 months and didn't want to be a burden for his friend so he decided to come back to Portugal, but who knows and one day he might go back and I would love to go too

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  2. Yeah! I remember you telling me that! You have to go! It's so amazing. Everything is so lush and green (not like in California where I'm from-haha).
    He had a visa to stay for three months I assume? :)


  3. Just imagining makes me want to take a plane right away!
    I think he did

  4. It's true the customs is always a hassle.. they are so rude even to us Canadians so don't feel like you are the only one!! So glad you enjoyed those timbits!! Next time you need to come to Montreal!! xx

    Alexandra | The A Style | Beauty and lifestyle



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