Sunday, July 20, 2014

And, We're Off!

So, today is my last day living in Los Angeles, California.  Tomorrow we start the three day drive to a little town in Oregon where I will be living for who knows how long.

It's been a hectic few weeks but now that we are in a hotel, I can relax a bit (this includes getting drunk with my Mother while watching House Hunters reruns-party animal!s).  I actually had a meltdown last night and started crying because I was looking for a blanket and then realized they were all on the moving truck.  I just hate being in limbo and I don't like not having my things when I want them.  It's quite frustrating really. 

Yesterday, the family and I went to the mall.  I picked up a few things from Forever 21 then we stopped by Barnes and Nobles and I picked up a few books along with The Best of Dean Martin CD, which I haven't gotten a chance to listen to it peacefully, having a nine year old brother who constantly needs attention, and a Greyhound with a complex of someone who was able to escape a burning building.  

I know I have been posting a lot of lifestyle posts lately and I do apologize, but like I have explained, all my things are packed up are on the way to Oregon, so I'm kinda stuck doing these until I can get back into my regular routine with my props! 

Anyway, how are things going with everyone else? :)

Oh, and also, I wanted to share with you this lovely comment that Stella from Electrik Flowers posted on my instagram photo.  Being as I am trying to have a more tasteful behavior and attitude lately, it's so sweet that she said this!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guest Post: Five Beauty Essentials Every Woman Should Have

I have been so busy with the move (we finally move to Oregon on Monday!), that I totally forgot that I wrote up a post for Alice!  

And don't forget to follow sweet Alice on Bloglovin

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day Trip // Catalina Island

Hi all!  

On Sunday, my family and I took a ferry out to Santa Catalina Island for the day.   

None of us had ever been there before and we were all surprised by how beautiful it was!  My Mother and I both agreed that it looked like a little European town, like somewhere in Greece or Madrid.  The town (called Avalon) was sprinkled with tiny shops and resturants-it was so cute! 

We ate lunch at a restaurant called Avalon Grille, it was really good!  The hostess was from Liverpool and we chatted about my favorite British show, TOWIE, (which she hated) and Made in Chelsea (which she told me that I just had to watch!).  

My Mother and I both got drinks (wine for her, mimosa for me the first round, then just regular champagne the next). 

I was feeling fancy so I ordered the oysters and the Caprese salad which was delicious!

Afterwards, we walked along where all the shops and the beach were.... we were headed to the Avalon Casino to take a tour.  The outside was so beautiful! 

The inside was even more beautiful! 
Did you know that the word casino used to just mean "a place of gathering" before gambling was allowed in them? 

Apparently, all the artwork inside is original.  The reason it still looks like it does from 1929 when it was first opened, was because the Wrigley family (from Wrigley's chewing gum-they owned it!), didn't allow smoking inside the actual theatre which was rare back then.  The artwork was absolutely stunning! 

They even had the original organ for when they played silent movies!  How neat! 

We were able to take a tour of the upstairs which presented a ballroom even bigger than the theatre itself and also the Wrigleys' private viewing room.  We also went out on the balcony which overlooked the whole island.

If you ever get to Catalina, you should seriously go on the guided tour!  It was such a cool experience. 

Afterwards, we stopped at Big Olafs ice cream store! 

We shopped for a bit and then it was time to hop back on the boat and go home.  

What an incredible day, and I wish that I had gotten to go a few more times while living in LA! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gold Moonstone Ring

I just have to gush about my new moonstone ring that I purchased from Etsy.  I bought it from Laonato's Shop and it's so stunning. I think what I like most about it is it's simplicity with a with a slight elegance to it where the gold is cut around the stone. 

Little by little, I am collecting many gold accessories and house items.  This is just another one to add  to my collection ;) 

Also, I should give ya'll a heads up that my photos might not be as great as they have been lately.  I am packing up my house day by day, so with each day gone there are less props for me to use in my pictures.  I assume it will be like that until I get settled in my house up north, so I do apologize!

What do you think of my new ring?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PorcelainShree 2.0!

Annnnnd it's finished!!  About two weeks ago, I underwent operation PorcelainShree 2.0 and it's finally complete!  My first step was purchasing my own domain, which I did.  Then my lovely friend, Brittany, from Life, Set Sail designed my new layout (as she has my last design), and she did an amazing job! 

When describing what I wanted, I said that I wanted a sleek, classy and chic design. I wanted gold, pink and white, and I wanted it to scream elegant.  She definitely made that happen!  

As always, Brittany communicated with me very well and was patient every step of the way (I literally think I sent her over 20 e-mails talking about changes and add ons that I wanted for it).  If you are looking for a blog design, I would recommend you consider her.  Aside from having her own web designing business, she's very proactive with her blog and she always comments back to her readers.

Like I said, I think she did such a wonderful job and I look forward to working with her again in the future when I decide on something new! 

What do you think of my new design?  Do you love it too?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Downtown Disney Mini Beauty Haul

Salutations, My Buttercups! 

If you follow me on Twitter, you saw that last night I went to Downtown Disney here in Anaheim to have dinner with my family.  There is a Sephora there so I stopped by and, well, you know what happens next ;) 

After picking up my first YSL lipstick, I was aching to purchase another one.  I already knew which one I wanted: #10 Beige Tribute, which is a very pretty pinky beige nude from YSL's Rouge Per Couture collection that I immediately tossed into my basket and didn't think twice about not purchasing it.  It's a little bit lighter than my natural lip color, and I honestly don't think the photos of  it do it any justice.  It's just so stunning.  Being as this is now my second YSL lipstick, I can say that I have been very happy with their products so far! 

I also picked up some mini Ciate London nail polishes, which I've also had my eye on for awhile as well (okay, let's be real, as a beauty blogger, an esthetician, and a makeup artist, I constantly "have my eye" on a lot of things.  The list will never end!).  Since I'm going through this soft color scheme lately, I picked up Members Only, which is described as a "shimmering nude" and Beam Me Up, Lottie, which is described as a gold and pastel pink glitter polish.

Now, the Essie polish I did not get while I was in Downtown Disney, but rather purchased it this morning at Target.  Yes, it's yet another pink Essie polish to fuel my obsession, this one being Muchi Muchi, described as a creamy, luscious pink color. all the rest of their pinks right? ;) 

Anyway, what do you think of my mini haul?  I'm so excited about the Ciate polishes.  They're so pretty that I almost don't want to use them!  I'll probably do something really creative with the two of them and another color and if all goes well I'll be posting it on Instagram, so watch for that! 

Until next time...

Monday, July 7, 2014

Inside Porcelain Boxes : Second Edition

It's time for another edition of Inside Porcelain Boxes!

I know I said when I started this I would post it every Sunday, but yesterday I did two posts, so I thought I would wait until today to post it! Here's what was happening in my week!

Celebrating Lady DeLancey's Birthday | Stuck at the doctors office-boooo! | Reading about one of my favorite TOWIE ladies! | Testing out the new Benefit Cosmetics Push Up Liner | Hanging out with Franklin at Knotts Berry Farm | David in the "Doctor is In" chair | Hanging out at home | Photographing my new Benefit Cosmetics passport holder in my "Let's Talk Road Trips" post | Fireworks on the 4th of July!

How was your week last week?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Home Decor Wishlist

First of all, only two more weeks until I move to Oregon!  I'm so excited!  And with the move comes new decor of course!  

I'll be staying with my mother for a few months after the move until she gets settled/I figure out my plans so I won't be buying new decor immediately, but it's fun to plan right? :)

Okay, so I got a little carried away with the Kate Spade merchandise, but can you blame me? Her whole line is gorgeous. 

My Everyday Handbag Beauty Essentials

There are some prime things that are absolutely essential for your everyday handbag.  A notebook, some tissues, maybe your iPad if you're a busy business woman.  Besides my makeup bag with the makeup that I have applied that day, I also wanted to show you some other beauty bits that are needed in my purse for my day to day living.

Hand sanitizer is a must for me.  Two years ago, after I enrolled in beauty school, I started keeping this in my purse.  I always have more stocked up at my house in case I run out.  Living in LA (and anywhere, really, but especially LA), you quickly discover that this place is covered in germs.  That being said, you should constantly have this on you.

I don't know any female that doesn't have blotting tissues stashed at the very bottom of their bag.  For those days where maybe your skin is just being extra oily, or maybe it's just boiling out, these little babies are a lifesaver.

Because I apply so much sanitizer during the day, my hands are almost constantly dry, so to fix that, I carry my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  This lotion is so moisturizing, and although it does leave a little film behind after applied, I haven't found a hand lotion that I like better, so off it goes in my purse! 

I don't wear my contacts everyday, but when I do, I like to have my eyedrops nearby.  I often wear my contacts for more than 7+ hours, and after about 2-3 my eyes start to get super irritated so this is something that I absolutely must have.

Although I keep tissues in my purse, I hardly ever use them.  But they came in major handy mode when I went to go see The Fault in Our Stars recently.  I'm glad I decided not to take them out!

Although I do have a mirror inside of my powder compact, I like to keep one that I can just grab real quickly in my bag and not have to dig through my makeup to find.  That's where my heart shaped one comes in to play!

Last but not least, my Jack Willis Lip Balm.  Sometimes, if I'm just running to the bank or something and I'm not wearing a full face of makeup, I'll just grab my purse.  I always keep a lip balm at the bottom and lately it's been this one since my good friend, Chenice, sent it to me from England.  I also keep a Babylips in my car in case I forget (I have lip balms stashed literally everywhere!). 

What are your beauty essentials?  

Friday, July 4, 2014

Traveling | Let's Talk Road Trips

As ya'll know, I'm headed to Canada at the beginning of August! 
I'm staying with my two best friends and I am so excited!  Not only have I not been out of the country in eight years (since I lived in South Korea), but I have never been to Canadaland! 

I'll be staying in Edmonton, Alberta, and one thing I already know I'm going to do is go to their mall! It's the biggest mall in North America (bigger than Mall of America!!!).  I'm kind of on a budget since I'm moving and need to find employment (sad panda), but that won't stop me from getting at least a few things! 

I'll be driving and leaving from Oregon, so it's going to be a lonnnnggg car ride.  I've estimated about a 2-3 day drive.   I should be there for about two weeks.  Since I'm driving I can pretty much leave whenever I want, I just don't want to burden my lovely friends for too long.  

I've already started planning out a little bit of the beginning of my trip such as estimated funds and what cities I'll be spending the night at during my journey.  I'm pretty preoccupied with packing, last doctors and vet appointments, getting medical records, changing the address for all my mail, etc etc, so I'll probably do the majority of my planning after we have officially moved. 

Have you ever been to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?  What are some things that I must see/do/eat there?  Leave your opinions in the comments below!

PS...someone commented on one of my earlier posts telling me that I needed to go to some place and get a birthday donut..Hortons or something like that?  Who else agrees? :)